Steel crash barriers / crash barriers

The traditional steel crash barriers, also simply called crash barriers, are considered to be a major pillar of road safety. We have been in this business for more than 35 years and have the necessary experience to always provide the best possible safety of the road users.

The responsible department sends our assembly teams all the way across Luxembourg, whereby it should be mentioned that we not only provide improvement of road safety, but also protect trees, buildings, machines and other obstacles by mounting steel crash barriers.

The steel crash barrier systems installed by us in Luxembourg primarily follow the German Rules (such as e.g. RAL-RG 620 / RPS / TL-SP). The product portfolio of our company includes all constructions and accessory components of the above listed rules and also of diverse international standards.

Furthermore, we would like to point out that conventional steel crash barriers can be equipped with additional combination elements. These are optional protection measures such as e.g. underride guards / motorcyclist protection / cyclist and pedestrian protection / retro-reflecting devices / reflectors, etc.

Galvanising and/or batch galvanising is performed in compliance with the acknowledged EU Standard. This enables us to offer long-lasting and weatherproof steel crash barriers.

Due to an expensive spare parts warehouse we can supply you quickly and directly with short delivery periods.

  • Products and constructions: Containment levels N2, H1, H2
  • ESP constructions: ESP4, ESP2, ESP2 Plus
  • EDSP constructions: EDSP2, EDSP1.33
  • Eco-Safe constructions: Eco-Safe 4, Eco-Safe 2, Eco-Safe 1.33 (BW)

Advantages of the Eco-Safe constructions are the same or better efficiency levels at a lower weight, i.e. lower price

  • Additional constructions for steel crash barriers:
    • Attached railings
    • Cyclist and pedestrian protection
    • Reflector collars
  • All construction transitions
  • All beginning and end constructions
  • BOS tree protection constructions