Since 2013 we are the sales representative of the well-known company “Boplan” in Luxembourg. This company is a market leader in terms of safety systems and protective equipment.

The products offered have been primarily developed for the protection of goods and persons, and are ideal for production facilities, storage rooms, airports etc.

The product portfolio of “Boplan” comprises amongst others the following safety systems:

Flex Impact

“Flex Impact” was developed and manufactured to offer an economical and adequate solution concerning safety barriers, bollards, hall protection and pillar protection. These barriers complement the conventional safety crash barriers used inside production or storage halls.

Xtra Grip

The non-slip mats called “Xtra Grip” have an extremely rough and hard surface. The special floor covering reduces the risk of slipping for everyone involved. This safety system contributes tremendously to additional safety at the workplace.

Boplan - Services
Boplan - Services
Boplan - Services