Monsieur Albert Pauly, director of the company AMECO S.à r.l., was born in Bissen in 1933 and learned the profession of fitter-machinist and car mechanic.

It was in 1957 that Monsieur Pauly built a first car repair workshop at Bissen, 28 Am Brill. At that time, he employed four workers. During the following years, the activities of the Pauly workshop gradually concentrated on general mechanics and precision mechanics. Both the volume and range of production widened and the number of staff increased.

In 1968 the first workshop was enlarged and in 1972 a second hall of around 1,800 m2 and offices were built at Bissen, 19 route de Colmar.

In 1974, the Pauly family founded the company AMECO S.à r.l., a purely family company with Albert Pauly as director.

AMECO's activities have been in Roost, 2 route de Bissen since 1998, and it currently employs more than 140 qualified staff.